The Key of the Cypher Flux

The Key of the Cypher Flux

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About the Book

Sometimes peace is the shroud for the most dangerous enemy of all.

In the ruins of the Chapel, the Shadow Walkers regroup ready to unleash the deadliest of all curses, with only Justin Ames and his girlfriend, Amy to stand against them.

Surrounded by nothing but dust, thorn bushes, and sandstorms, a great and final evil gathers force to finally crush Dewsbury’s interfering guardians.

Simmering secret evil and soaring faith and fire. Teen courage and terrifying curses. This is a story of heroes and villains. A supernatural tale of light clashing with deep and ancient darkness.

The Key of Cypher Flux is a supernatural Christian thriller with teen heroes pitted against the powers of darkness that threaten to swallow their beloved town.

This is the fourth book in a four-book supernatural saga, The Shadow Walkers. Read The Key of the Cypher Flux today…

Series: The Shadow Walkers, Book 4
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2020
ASIN: B0881S33CC
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The Key of the Cypher Flux
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