Guardians of the Light

Guardians of the Light

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About the Book

When darkness rises light must take up arms.

Justin Ames and his girlfriend, Amy, enter a world far stranger than fiction. Behind Dewsbury’s urban utopia a pit of serpents seeks its victims, and only the teens can stem the tide.

The quest leads them to a group of warrior monks, hiding far out in the Wintervale Mountains. But will they be in time to stop the rise of evil that is about to flood Dewsbury? And why are these monks so interested in Justin and Amy?

Mountain monks and flaming circles. Secret cellar societies and supernatural powers unleashed. Disturbing visions and an urban quest for truth.

Guardians of the Light is a supernatural Christian thriller with teen heroes pitted against the powers of darkness that threaten to swallow their beloved town.

Series: The Shadow Walkers, Book 2
Tag: Mystery
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2020
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Guardians of the Light
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