The Mystery of the Hapless Hound of Curly Bay

The Mystery of the Hapless Hound of Curly Bay

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About the Book

Courtney Cain is used to seeing dogs that are sad or upset when they first arrive at the shelter, but she’s never met one quite like Ruthie the bloodhound!

Ruthie does nothing but howl mournfully when she’s in her cage, and when she’s not crated all she does is run away.

Courtney is particularly concerned since the Curly Bay Lake has been drained for repairs, and there are some very dangerous areas at the park where the dog could get hurt. The lake seems to be the only thing the citizens of Curly Bay can talk about, especially the mysterious legend of the lake phantom.

Could Ruthie the bloodhound and her unusual behavior have clues that will unlock the ghostly mystery?

The enigmas that surround the lake only continue to increase, and Courtney is determined to down to get to the truth.

Series: Curly Bay Animal Rescue Cozy Mystery, Book 16
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Tag: Mystery
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2022
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The Mystery of the Hapless Hound of Curly Bay
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