Raphael’s Winsome Widowed Bride

Raphael’s Winsome Widowed Bride

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About the Book

Betrayed by his beloved, robbed of all he owns and framed for fraud, Wilbur Tanner is a broken man. With the help of his uncle Abner, he barely escapes prison.

But he’s bitter and declares that he’ll never forgive his wayward fiancée.

Leah Bridges’ is silently forced to marry a man she despises to save her brother. Only to discover that all is a lie.

Pregnant and terrified, she flees to Texas.

But she never expecting to find the only man she has ever loved on the same ranch.

Has destiny brought them back together? Can the terrible secrets and misunderstandings be unraveled? Can a Christmas miracle reunite the two and bring them back together again?

Lose yourself in a Randolph Ranch Christmas romance you won’t want to end!

Series: The Five Wild Sons of Randolph Ranch, Book 8
Genre: Western Historical
Tag: Romance
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2024
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Raphael’s Winsome Widowed Bride
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