Callum’s Broken Bride on a Mission

Callum’s Broken Bride on a Mission

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About the Book

Widower Abner Randolph is the father of five sons, and he’s in despair. Having lost his own wife fourteen years ago, he’s brought up his sons all alone. They’re now all grown up, but none of them seems inclined to find a wife and settle down. Abner turns to his good friend for help and is introduced to someone who changes the lives of all five men forever…

This is the story of the final son to have his Western heart won!

It’s not love that sends twenty-one-year-old Leila Solomon down to Texas. She needs to find a wealthy man who will pay for her mother’s urgent surgery.

Callum Randolph has witnessed his four brothers marry the women of their dreams. Now it’s his turn, but love is the last thing on his mind. He simply wants to settle down with a suitable woman and wants an easy way to do that.

What the two young adults don’t know is that love and destiny can work together to bring two unsuited people together, and give them happiness beyond their imaginations.

Step inside the Randolph family ranch one more time for another heartwarming Western romance.

Series: The Five Wild Sons of Randolph Ranch, Book 5
Genre: Western Historical
Tag: Romance
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2023
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Callum’s Broken Bride on a Mission
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