Westbound Love

Westbound Love

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In grave danger, Florence hides on the Prairie Queen Express, praying for a miracle. Is the kindly man of God, Knox Chipperfield, the answer to her desperate prayer?

After being threatened by those who claimed to love her, Florence Ridge believes that The Prairie Queen Express is her ticket to freedom. But who are the strange passengers watching her every move? And how can she really be free while her dear crippled friend is yet in the clutches of the cult she has just escaped?

Under the fatherly direction of her new employer, Mr. Fisher, and with the help of an unexpected friend, Knox Chipperfield, can Florence find freedom for herself and her friend? Or will unknown assailants track her down and stop dreams of a new life in their tracks?

Climb aboard The Prairie Queen Express – a delightful historical Western romance series following the faith-building stories of some of its most surprising passengers. Florence’s story, Westbound Love, is an inspiring ride on the train full of miracles!

Series: The Prairie Queen Express, Book 2
Genre: Western Historical
Tag: Romance
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2023
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Westbound Love
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