The Town Mayor’s Help and the Seamstress

The Town Mayor’s Help and the Seamstress

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About the Book

A pretty but prideful political daughter. A humble seamstress seeking an honorable life. And in between the two, Ridge Lowell. Whom will he choose?

Mayor Townsend has plans for Ridge, the makings of a political dynasty. It’s a dream opportunity that includes marriage to the most beautiful and powerful lady in Spruce.

Ridge is dazzled by the beauty and elegance of the mayor’s daughter, Miss Robin, but his brothers are offended by the way she addresses people who are not of her status.

Meanwhile, a new businesswoman in town, a widow named Natalie Tolbert, runs afoul of Miss Robin after making a wedding dress for a former Townsend maid, not realizing the lengths that Miss Robin will go to get her own way…

Will Ridge follow the mayor’s ambitious plans and marry Robin? How will Natalie rebuild her life and business? Will the Townsend dynasty continue despite the scandals that surround them?

Read The Town Mayor’s Help and the Seamstress and find out.

Series: The Lowells of Spruce Creek, Book 3
Genre: Western Historical
Tag: Romance
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2022
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The Town Mayor’s Help and the Seamstress
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