The Railwayman and the Kidnapped Widow

The Railwayman and the Kidnapped Widow

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About the Book

Dennis Lowell has always wanted to work on the railroad, and as Fontaine, Washington, becomes a hub of the Washington Railroad Company’s regional transportation, his wish comes true. But he didn’t expect that love would come along with the deal!

Dennis didn’t figure on marrying, but he finds himself falling in love with Isabelle du Pres, the widowed daughter of his boss. Not able to make his affections known, he yearns for an opportunity to prove his love.

When unexplained, troubling things start happening in the rail yard, it seems that Martin Crawler, Isabelle’s father, has an enemy.

Dennis and Isabelle join forces to find out the culprit behind the accidents, not realizing the dangerous path it will lead them down

Will Dennis be able to protect the woman he has grown to love? Will the widowed Isabelle be able to open her heart again to love?

Find out in this thrilling instalment in the romantic Western historical family saga!

Series: The Lowells of Spruce Creek, Book 5
Genre: Western Historical
Tag: Romance
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2022
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The Railwayman and the Kidnapped Widow
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