The Story of Amos

The Story of Amos

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Previously published as ‘A Hand To Hold’ by Given, Grace (author)

Amos Schwarz and his best friend Caleb taste the delights of running around in the wild world of the Englisch; cafes, bars, music, and other forbidden delights.

One thing about this reckless world that they do not enjoy, however, is the relentless harassment and ridicule of Justin Roberts, a merciless bully.

But what will happen when, after months of taunting and abuse, the two young Amish men discover Justin beaten and left for dead in an alleyway?

Will Amos become a good Samaritan, or walk away like Justin’s so-called friends and the local priest?

Or will a different and life-changing story be told?

Series: Amish Inspiration, Book 9
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: Romance
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2024
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The Story of Amos
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