Tara – An Educated Bride

Tara – An Educated Bride

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About the Book
Tara is an enthusiastic educator who yearns to shape young minds. Despite her passion, she faces resistance from the local schools in West Virginia, who refuse to hire young women who may eventually leave to start families.

Determined to make a difference, Tara travels west to assume responsibility for a small school in Nebraska. As she becomes increasingly troubled by one of her student’s poor performance, she finds herself drawn to the boy’s strong-willed, widowed father.

What follows is a delightful unfurling of God’s gracious plan for this unexpected couple – one in which both learn the lesson of true love!

Tara’s story is one of the inspirational tales in the Western romance collection, Young Love Historical Romance Volume 4, by #1 bestselling clean Christian romance author Misty Shae.

Each story is a great read in itself and can be read alone, or even better read them all as part of this adventurous feel-good series.

Series: Young Love Historical Romance Vol.IV, Book 11
Genre: Western Contemporary
Tag: Romance
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2023
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Tara – An Educated Bride
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