Delilah – A Suspicious Bride

Delilah – A Suspicious Bride

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Delilah Warner arrives in Eureka, Utah, eager to start a new life with her husband. Her cousin has gone to Texas to marry a rancher, and she has written to Delilah about just how happy she is. Delilah wants that kind of happiness, too, and she’s confident she can find it with the gold miner Raymond Johnston.

Raymond, however, has a reputation for being a cold and distant man, a reputation Delilah didn’t know about until it was already too late. Her determination keeps her going until she hears a rumor circulating that he may even have killed a man.

Can Delilah mine through his thick exterior and find a heart of gold? Or has she married a murderer?

Series: Young Love Historical Romance Vol.IV, Book 5
Genre: Historical Romance
Tag: Romance
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2021
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Delilah – A Suspicious Bride
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