Widow’s Return Audiobook

Widow’s Return Audiobook

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About the Book

English rose Eleanor Rigby has stared into the cold eyes of death more than once. To escape its icy grip, she flees as a mail-order bride to a new future with Samuel Johnson, a Western cowboy.

But when a lost love returns from the grave to claim his broken bride, a fearful fight for Ellie’s own life and sanity ensues.

Can the bonds of true love bring her home, or will she be lost forever?

A maiden’s voyage, a failing family business, ravages of war and rejoicing in hope, all lead to an emotional mail-order bride tale that will carry you on the high seas of clean Christian romance.

The Beauty for Ashes inspirational romance collection are stirring stories of despairing mail-order brides pulled from the ashes by loving Western husbands.

Genre: Western Historical
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Serena Travis
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Widow’s Return Audiobook
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