Westbound Wonder Audiobook

Westbound Wonder Audiobook

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Anthony, the youngest of Jethro Knerr’s sons, is tired of his family treating him like he’s still a child. He understands it—after all, he was lost to them for 10 years, and they have not long had him back home with them—but he is frustrated by it, nonetheless. Anxious to see the world and prove that he is a man who can look after himself, he determines to prove his independence, with frightening results.

Brutally beaten, robbed, and left for dead, it is only the compassionate care of Hope and her guardian, Barbara, that saves Anthony’s life. But is this strange young man from out of town to be trusted? And how can Anthony tell Hope that he has fallen in love with her? It’s going to take the industrious Molly White to sort this one out!

The Seven Sons of Jethro is a delightful series that follows the trail of long-suffering father Jethro’s quest to marry off each of his sons to a good Christian wife. Each story is a wonderful tale in itself, and can be listened to as a satisfying stand-alone, but be warned, once you hear one, you won’t be able to resist finding out what became of the other sons and their stories.

Genre: Western Historical
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Bobbie Helland
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Westbound Wonder Audiobook
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