Wedding Cake and a Body by the Lake Audiobook

Wedding Cake and a Body by the Lake Audiobook

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About the Book

There’s more business than Sammy and Helen can handle at Just Like Grandma’s. Sammy hardly has enough time to keep up with the baked goods that keep customers coming in, and now an affluent couple has hired her to bake their wedding cake.

A new waitress, Kate, is hired to keep on top of the demand, but her inconvenient disappearances are causing Sammy to wonder what this young lady is up to.

Add to this the strange behavior of the well-to-do groom, and Sammy is almost at the end of herself.

When a body is then found by the lake, mysteriously connected to all of these things, Sammy must team up with Sheriff Jones to discover the truth.

Wedding Cake and Body by the Lake is a Christian cozy mystery with all of the ingredients that you love – an amateur sleuth, a small town, a cast of colorful characters and a clean mystery with lots of deliciously unsavory surprises.

Join Sammy for as wades into this mystery to discover the shocking truth behind this bridal disaster.

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Joanna Roddy
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Wedding Cake and a Body by the Lake Audiobook
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