Two Yielded Hearts Audiobook

Two Yielded Hearts Audiobook

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Without home or income, pregnant and tragically widowed after just one year of blissful marriage, Cecelia is grief-stricken and despairing. When Mrs. Molly White suggests a radical solution to her heartbreaking situation Cecelia is unsure.

How can she love any man other than her late-husband, especially a stranger living hundreds of miles away? But Molly knows that Cecilia is just the right person to melt Wayne Knerr’s hard heart. He, however, is determined to ignore the woman his father has arranged for him to marry.

God and the course of nature have plans to melt Wayne’s heart, however, and an emotional encounter in an abandoned cave leaves Wayne with no other course of action but to fall head over heels in love.

The Seven Sons of Jethro is a delightful series that follows the trail of long-suffering father, Jethro’s quest to marry each of his sons to a good Christian wife. Each story is a wonderful tale in itself, and can be enjoyed as a satisfying stand-alone, but be warned, once you listen to one, you won’t be able to resist finding out what became of the other sons and their stories.

Genre: Western Historical
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Bobbie Helland
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Two Yielded Hearts Audiobook
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