Tiffany – Hidden Bride Audiobook

Tiffany – Hidden Bride Audiobook

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About the Book

Adam Harding has gotten a new start on life. He’s moving past the reality of his criminal past and getting settled in West Oak with dreams of his own ranch and a wife, too.

Tiffany Sikes is done living under her cruel father’s roof. Pushed by her mother’s death, she goes to a bridal agency and becomes a mail-order bride.

Adam and Tiffany feel as if their marriage was meant to be, until Adam finds out the cruel truth – Tiffany is the daughter of the cruelest jailer Adam faced in prison. Not only that, but Adam’s past comes knocking in the form of Kate Summer.

Will she convince Adam that he married the wrong woman? Will Tiffany find out about Adam’s past, and if so, how will she respond? The limits and devotion of their love will be tested, but what will be the outcome?

Tiffany’s story is one of the amazing tales in the Western romance collection Young Love Historical Romance Volume 2, by number one best-selling clean Christian romance authors Misty Shae and Terri Grace. Each story is a great listen in itself, and can be listened to alone, or even better listen to them as part of this adventurous feel-good series.

Genre: Western Contemporary
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Lorana Hoopes
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Tiffany – Hidden Bride Audiobook
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