The Young Bride’s Marriage Scandal

The Young Bride’s Marriage Scandal

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Recently widowed and with an infant son, Kate Adams has no choice but to move back home with her father. A father who never loved her, and who has now conspired to use Kate in his nefarious plans. She will post an ad as a mail order bride, and then use her disguise to steal from the man and leave town.

Forced to go along with his scheme—or lose her son forever—Kate heads west to meet Paul Maguire and his young daughter. The family she must rob …

But love has a mind of its own, and soon Kate finds herself falling in love with Paul and his small family. Determined not to let her father run her life anymore, Kate devises a plan to keep him at bay and protect Paul and his daughter from her father’s clutches.

A plan that risks Kate’s own life, and the chances of her ever seeing her son again.

Genre: Western Historical
Tag: Romance
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2020
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The Young Bride’s Marriage Scandal
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