The Winter Widow’s Daughter

The Winter Widow’s Daughter

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Christmas should be a time for giving, but for Tess it is the day that stole her childhood…
Wrongfully torn from her daughter, a tearful mother leaves her beloved girl to fend for herself in an unforgiving Victorian world. But for her chilly relatives, Tess has no one else to turn to… and even they offer little hope.

Teresa ‘Tess’ Woods used to love this season—until that fateful December when mama was dragged away as a common criminal. Determined to survive, Tess throws all sentimentality aside and fights for a thankless future. A future that will lead her to witness things no innocent eye should see.

Alexander Bailey is a sickly child, much to the glee of his greedy stepmother. Despite her schemes to remove him, he grows strong enough to inherit his father’s large estate. His heartless relative soon realises that more serious measures may need to be taken.

When destiny throws Tess and Alexander together, can they protect each other and find justice for their wrongs? And what has become of Tess’ mother? Will Christmas once again become a time of hope instead of tragedy?

Set against the dark canvas of Victorian England, The Winter Widow’s Daughter is an emotional yet heartwarming historical tale of Christmas lost and found. Start reading your next page-turning read today…

Genre: Victorian Romance
Tag: 2022-christmas
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2022
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The Winter Widow’s Daughter
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