The Welch Brothers of Beaver Hills Boxset

The Welch Brothers of Beaver Hills Boxset

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COMPLETE BOXSET – FREE TO READ ON KINDLE UNLIMITED – The Welch Brothers of Beaver Hills follows the lives and romantic fortunes of The Welch family. The journey of each brother and the wives God has chosen for them are all satisfying standalone reads, but the whole series together provides and even richer adventure for keen readers of clean Christian Historical Romance!

Book 1 – Second Chance At Love

Mirabelle Crane is on a mission. As a wealthy widow, she decides to use her money to help other young women find love in the west. An unfortunate accident leads her to Beaver Hills, North East California and into the bosom of a new family.

Adam Welch is the oldest son of four and a widower with three daughters. His daughters are determined to see him married to a good woman and when Mirabelle comes to town, they choose her. The only problem is, the woman doesn’t seem to want the same things he does.

Can he convince her to give love a second chance?

Book 2 – The Grace of Love

Rowena Blackthorn has messed up her life and is in trouble. Ending up in Beaver Hills on her way to San Francisco to be a Mail Order Bride, she finds love in the form of Jonah Welch. He’s everything she’s ever desired in a husband but her past overshadows any hopes of the happiness that she yearns for.

When her past finally catches up on her, can her husband stand by her or will he leave her to face her fears all alone?

Book 3 – The Gentleness of Love

Runaway sister, Peaches Lyall, is in Beaver Hills, hiding from her past and fearful for her future. Her stony-hearted refusal of Micah Welches’ romantic advances are a mystery to him – until the sordid truth comes out.

In this emotional story, a romantic tug-of-war, only gentleness and patience is powerful enough to break the binds that keep Peaches tied to her past confusion – a past that arrives unexpectedly intent to drag her back to the home she ran away from.

Book 4 – The Paradox of Love

Tamara is sweet and innocent, with a big and generous heart that sees the good in everyone, even the unsavory characters that she often meets while doing her work at The Pearl. When Brian Wakefield arrives from San Francisco with his twelve-year-old niece, she immediately takes a liking to the child and soon notices that the child seems terrified of her uncle.

Peter Welch is troubled by the attention that Brian Wakefield seems to be showing Tamara. He has no reason to dislike the man but feels that something isn’t quite right. The two men get into an altercation and when Brian is found dead in his hotel room, fingers point at Peter.

When Brian’s accomplices show up in Beaver Hills asking for the child, Peter and Tamara take her away for a while to save her life and end up falling in love and getting married. They face many challenges together but love conquers all in the end.

Join the Welch family for a Western historical romantic saga you won’t want to put down!

Series: The Welch Brothers of Beaver Hills
Genre: Western Historical
Tags: Romance, Terri Grace Boxsets
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2020
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The Welch Brothers of Beaver Hills Boxset
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