The Wary Widow & the Oregon Trail Romance

The Wary Widow & the Oregon Trail Romance

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Mrs. Jane Lewis, a widow, wants to marry again. But because her in-laws had been nasty people, she has promised herself that never will she marry a man with a mother, father, brothers, or sisters. She goes West because there are many single men there who are alone.

She travels with the Jones family, a sprawling friendly tribe. She’s attracted to Caleb, the eldest son, but having immediate relatives seems to disqualify him. What about Mr. Tremblay who, like her, is alone? Maybe beneath his hard exterior is a broken heart just like hers? Her journey on the Oregon Trail will be one of the heart it seems. Whom should she choose?

The hardships of her and the brave traveling party encounters show Jane what really matters, and lead not only to a new life and happy marriage but to the freedom of forgiveness her heart so longs for.

Genre: Western Historical
Tags: Mail Order Bride, Romance
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2022
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The Wary Widow & the Oregon Trail Romance
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