The Twin Brides & Brothers Audiobook

The Twin Brides & Brothers Audiobook

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Twin brothers Ivan and Theo Knerr are determined never to moon over a woman the way they see their brother Alan doing over his new wife, Cynthia. Suspecting that their father, Jethro, has a plan to see them married off, too, they tell him that they will only ever marry twins.

Miles away, an exasperated mother tires to convince her twin girls, Georgina and Danielle, that their dream of marrying twin men is childish. She even sends them to her cousin, Molly White, hoping that she might further convince them. Molly, however, has other ideas. Believing she has finally found the perfect match for the Knerr twins Molly sends them west in good faith—with disastrous (and hilarious) consequences.

The Seven Sons of Jethro is a delightful series that follows the trail of long-suffering father Jethro’s quest to marry each of his sons to a good Christian wife. Each story is a wonderful tale in itself, and can be enjoyed as a satisfying stand-alone, but be warned, once you listen to one, you won’t be able to resist finding out what became of the other sons and their stories.

Genre: Western Historical
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Bobbie Helland
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The Twin Brides & Brothers Audiobook
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