The Seven Sons of Jethro 2-in-1 Special Edition Audiobook

The Seven Sons of Jethro 2-in-1 Special Edition Audiobook

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The story of long-suffering father Jethro and his seven sons is one that will have you laughing and crying all at the same time. Each of Jethro’s boys has their own character and stubborn ways, but they are no match for Jethro’s quest to get each of them married off to a good and godly young lady.

Jethro enlists the help of one of the marvelous Mrs. Molly White, the proprietor of the Cozy Bridal Agency.

To Jethro’s delight, Molly helps him find suitable mail-order brides for each of his sons, but she also has a big surprise up her sleeve that will forever change Jethro’s world too!

Every story in the eight-book series is a satisfying stand-alone listen, but I am certain that once you are introduced to Jethro’s rambunctious household, you will want to hear them all.

In this edition, you get two books in one!!!

Book 1: The Seven Sons of Jethro

Jethro and Miriam Knerr decide to move their young family west in the hopes of finding a new freedom. Five years go by and their family has swelled—Miriam and Jethro have been blessed with seven healthy sons.

With that request, and Molly’s dedication, a family-wide romantic adventure begins that leads to more weddings than old Jethro bargained for!

Book 2: The Flight of Love – The Story of Alan & Cynthia

Cynthia Knowles fears for her young brothers. Ever since their parents’ deaths, the boys have been led astray by unsavory company. Cynthia seeks the advice of an older friend, Molly White, who has a brilliant idea—head west, away from the gangs and the unemployment and poverty of Philadelphia.

Molly encourages Cynthia to accept the invitation of Jethro Knerr to join one of his sons on their ranch. Alan, the eldest of the Knerr boys, has other ideas. The last thing he wants is the responsibility of a wife!

The Seven Sons of Jethro is a delightful series that follows the trail of long-suffering father Jethro’s quest to marry each of his sons off to a good Christian wife.

Genre: Western Historical
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Bobbie Helland
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The Seven Sons of Jethro 2-in-1 Special Edition Audiobook
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