The Saga of the Four Amish Sisters Complete Box Set Audiobook

The Saga of the Four Amish Sisters Complete Box Set Audiobook

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About the Book

The saga of the Amish Peterschwimm sisters is one full of love, tragedy, and drama. Each has their own strength of personality that shines through as we follow each of them through their challenges to the place of true love and contentment. A delightful and satisfying Amish romance series, collected in one unique collection for your enjoyment.


Life on the gentle Amish farm of the Peterschwimms changes dramatically when father dies, and the eldest of the four sisters, Emma, has to step in and take the lead.

But Emma’s not-so-gentle approach leads to a disastrous outcome and spirals her into a deep depression. Then, she meets James Connely, who knows all too well what it is like to have messed things up.

Grace beyond measure opens the door for love to bring healing and freedom to the embattled Emma, and with it a chance to hope again.


Making beautiful art is Tessa’s secret passion. But not all in the Amish community seem to agree, and it causes deep heartbreak for the young Amish artist.

And yet, God does not let even one of his small children down, and through his redemptive power, it becomes clear that nothing can withstand the power of love.


Sean Miller is a young, misguided youngster about to start a life of crime. Judge Barlow only sees one last option and decides to send Miller to an Amish farm. The Peterschwimms’ Farm.

It is shock for the sisters, and especially for Dawn, who discovers a new depth of compassion in her own heart as she seeks to lift this broken man from the pit of despair and rebellion to a place of wholeness.

Will the worldly young man run back to his life of ease and comfort, or will the gentle Amish lifestyle touch his wounded heart? A tale of second chances where love brings the answer and romance blossoms.


When Fannie left the Amish farm where she grew up, she vowed never to return. Finally free from the lies and the fables that the community forced upon her, she now yields to a life of worldliness and pleasure. But not all that glitters is gold, and Fannie falls for the dark lies of Geraldo Pasqualini.

All the while, deep inside Fannie’s heart, there is the yearning for the true love that seems so strikingly absent in her new surroundings. Hope peeks over the the horizon of Fannie’s battered emotions when she meets Aaron, but can she really dare to dream again?

Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Lacey Lewis
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The Saga of the Four Amish Sisters Complete Box Set Audiobook
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