The Midwife’s Dream

The Midwife’s Dream

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About the Book

Kathryn Barton dreams of becoming a midwife. In Victorian London, dreams have a nasty habit of turning into nightmares…

Kathryn has watched her mother suffer through many miscarriages and prays to one day be able to help women like her. When her mother’s latest baby dies her father callously abandons them.

With no home and no income, Kathryn must put her dreams on hold to care for her ailing mother and younger sister. She must find work quickly. For a middle-class girl, the match factory is a form of hell but it keeps a roof over their head and a little food in their bellies.

Danger lurks around every corner, whether it is a cruel and spiteful girl or the prospect of phossy jaw. However, there is one bright spot, his name is Mitchell Warrington. The kind son of the factory owner has dreams of his own, but it isn’t long before her boss forbids them to associate.

Without Mitchell’s light, Kathryn’s world becomes much darker. Is there hope and love out there, or will she lose everything she holds dear?

Find out in The Midwife’s Dream, a heartwarming Victorian Romance that will keep you reading until the light breaks forth and dreams do indeed come true.

Genre: Victorian Romance
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2023
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The Midwife’s Dream
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