The Mercantile Brother and the Orphan Maid Audiobook

The Mercantile Brother and the Orphan Maid Audiobook

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About the Book

The Lowell Brothers have seen a lot of marrying since coming to Fontaine, Washington. Now Carl’s three older brothers all have wives, but romance is a risky business, and Carl is in no hurry to follow in their footsteps!

He’s busy building up the general store in Fontaine, and he’s doing quite well in his vocation.

But when Harriet Finch, an orphaned girl who was exploited by her own relatives and made to work as a maid in their home, shows up late at night with a broken wrist and a broken spirit, Carl can’t turn her away.

Now his family thinks she’d make an excellent wife, but Carl, having watched his brothers nearly make terrible mistakes in matters of the heart, is wary.

He has to find out for sure if she’s really in love with him or if she’s a schemer who wants what he has more than she wants him.

He puts her to the test, but along the way he discovers that he’s the one being tested…

Get ready for another wild ride with the Lowell Brothers as we explore the greatest frontier of all: the frontier of the heart!

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Genre: Western Historical
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Melinda Cumming
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The Mercantile Brother and the Orphan Maid Audiobook
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