The Lowly Maid’s Triumph Audiobook

The Lowly Maid’s Triumph Audiobook

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When savage family sickness, and the unscrupulous embezzling steward, Mr. Craven, steals the Boone’s family fortune, he snatches Sandra Boone’s idyllic childhood from her innocent hands. The heartbroken child finds herself in a place she never thought possible – destitute and begging on the dirty, dangerous streets for her next meal.

When opportunity opens the door for a life of servitude to a wealthy family, Sandra, crushed by the harshness of her unfair years, finally thinks fortune may be turning her way. Instead, a fire of controversy unfolds, forcing her to flee. But where can the budding Sandra find refuge from the storm?

Will she find her peace in London under the care and concern of the gentle-hearted Clement Lark, to whom she runs, or will the evil Mr. Craven, who plans to sever any loose ends that may expose his wickedness, track her down and extinguish the flickering flame of Sandra’s hope?

The saga of Sandra’s life blossoms, and like a flower crushed underfoot, the fragrance of her inner beauty and grace is released – a fragrance irresistible to Clement’s heart. Against the dark backdrop of danger and intrigue, the colours of love begin to weave their masterpiece.

Dolly Price writes wholesome historical romance. If you enjoy books by Dilly Court and other Victorian Romance writers, you will love this heartfelt novella by Dolly Price.

Buy The Lowly Maid’s Triumph today and immerse yourself in this moving saga following the courageous young girl, Sandra, and her journey from dark destitution to a new life and the bright light of true love.

Genre: Victorian Romance
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Verona Westbrook
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The Lowly Maid’s Triumph Audiobook
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