The Lowly Maiden’s Loyalty

The Lowly Maiden’s Loyalty

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About the Book

For Barbara Coomb, what should have been sweet sixteen becomes the bitterest time of her short life. How could she ever have known the tragedy that was about strike with such unforgiving force?

Meeting the farmhand, Lawrence Trent, a man robbed of his childhood by the misdeeds of a renegade father seemed at first a doorway to happiness. Instead it was one leading to desperation and deprivations that overshadowed even the brightness of their love for one another.

What strength will be required to survive the obstacles set along the course of their lives? What gifts from heaven can steer them to safety?

Can the beautiful Barbara Coomb finally lay to rest the ghosts that taunt her present and haunt her future? Will Lawrence break free from the chains that not only held his childhood but now hold his heart?

In this Victorian Romance historical romance author, Rosie Swan, carries readers through a lifetime saga of a child who became a woman worthy of the deepest love and admiration a man could give.


Genre: Victorian Romance
Tag: Romance
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2020
ASIN: B08951J77V
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The Lowly Maiden’s Loyalty
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