The Lost Orphan of Cheapside audiobook

The Lost Orphan of Cheapside audiobook

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About the Book

Caroline is an orphan. Vulnerable and passed from family member to family member, until the fateful day she disappears in Surrey Gardens.

No one could imagine the hell this innocent girl would now endure at the hands of her kidnappers.

All hope seems lost, until Arthur stumbles through the doors of the Lanyard Arms. Recently released from backbreaking punishment for a crime he did not commit, he is shocked and dismayed at what he discovers. Not only that, his heart is also captured by the mysterious Miss Davey. How could such a girl end up among the riff-raff and rogues in this dark corner of the world?

Can these two castaways discover a new life together? Will Arthur’s name be cleared, and Caroline’s shame be cleansed?

Listen to the heartbreaking story of Miss Caroline Davey and her journey from stolen innocence to forgiveness and freedom today.

Genre: Victorian Romance
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Jack Jacobs
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The Lost Orphan of Cheapside audiobook
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