The Great Promise

The Great Promise

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About the Book

Chloe Brennan are ruthlessly murdered. Worst of all, it’s a relative who pulls the trigger.

Left as an orphan, Chloe ends up a slave in Aunt Jemima Billing’s home. Faced with such tragedy, she not only loses her family but her faith in God. How could a loving God leave her to face such a horrifying future alone?

Her only hope is to flee west.

But how can she trust anyone? What are the real motives of David Campbell, the cowboy who vows to marry her? Can Chloe learn to love this handsome man whose eyes shine with acceptance and adoration? Can she once again renew her faith in God?

Read this beautiful short Western romance today and follow Chloe’s journey to wholeness.

Genre: Western Historical
Tags: Romance, Terri Grace Standalone Titles
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The Great Promise
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