The Five Wild Sons of Randolph Ranch BOOK 6-12 Box Set

The Five Wild Sons of Randolph Ranch BOOK 6-12 Box Set

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About the Book

Abner Randolph schemed to find good wives for his five sons but never expected that they would turn the tables on him! But even with father Abner and his sons happily married, the blessing of God continues as many others come to find love and romance on the Ranch.

Get ready to continue this sweeping, romantic, and sometimes funny, Western family saga, with six more heartwarming Randolph Ranch tales.

Brought together for the first time in one big Cowboy Romance box set, you’ll enjoy books 6-12 in the series.

Each is a super standalone, and even better together!

Abner’s Unexpected Thanksgiving Bride

Widower Abner Randolph and widow Terry Lander discover that love can bloom again in surprising ways, bringing a heartwarming second chance romance to Randolph Ranch during Thanksgiving.

Wilbur’s Wayward Christmas Bride

After being betrayed and falsely accused, Wilbur Tanner reunites with Leah Bridges, the woman he once loved, at Randolph Ranch, where they confront past misunderstandings and pray for a Christmas miracle.

Raphael’s Winsome Widowed Bride

Military widow Mirabelle Blanchard and broken veteran Raphael Ortega find healing and unexpected love at Randolph Ranch, showing that new beginnings are possible even after great loss.

Widower Jensen’s Bride in Hiding

Rachel Stanton, fleeing from danger, and Logan Jensen, searching for answers about his late wife, find their paths converging at Randolph Ranch where they uncover love amidst perilous secrets.

Doctor Lawrence’s Second Chance Bride

Dr. Nicole Doyle, seeking a fresh start, and Dr. Lawrence Bower, yearning to correct past mistakes, find their paths crossing at Randolph Ranch, offering them a second chance at love.

Payton’s Christ Loving Cowgirl Bride

Andrea Warton, desiring a simple, faith-filled life, and Clarence Payton, fleeing persecution for his beliefs, find love and new beginnings in the West at Randolph Ranch.

Roland’s Captivating Secret Crush

Tatiana George, a widow working as a housekeeper, and Roland Shields, a man in search of true love, discover that romance can blossom again at Randolph Ranch, even at unexpected times.

Start reading today and prepare for a sleepless night or two because you won’t be able to put this box set down!

Genre: Western Historical
Tags: Romance, Terri Grace Boxsets
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2024
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The Five Wild Sons of Randolph Ranch BOOK 6-12 Box Set
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