The Desperate Christmas Angel

The Desperate Christmas Angel

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Previously published as ‘His Christmas Angel’ by Cornish, Ella (author)

With Christmas fast approaching little does Eliza Thorn realise that her straightforward life of toil and danger is about to change irrevocably…

Eking out a living for herself and her family, Eliza busily searches the Norfolk Fens for leeches to sell to the local doctor when fate intervenes, placing Edward Grisham, son of the Earl of Stanford, in her path.

Good fortune was shining down on him, too, that day for without Eliza’s quick wit the boggy marshlands would have claimed his life.

In gratitude, Eliza is offered a job as a kitchen maid, a role that she gladly accepts, taking her away from the dark, frigid waters of the lowland fens.

Edward and Eliza are intrinsically linked to one another through their shared experience. Could this connection ever lead to something more than friendship?

In a society where titles dictate destinies, the odds seem stacked against them, especially with Edward’s brother, Martin, scheming to change the course of their lives forever – with dire consequences.

Dive into this heartfelt, page-turning Victorian saga – a beautiful Christmas love story you will not be able to put down.

Genre: Victorian Romance
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2023
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The Desperate Christmas Angel
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