The Dancing Orphan’s Second Chance

The Dancing Orphan’s Second Chance

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About the Book

Baby Sophie. Forced to dance for her dinner. Used and abused to feed the greed of those who should have been her carers. Her tiny gypsy feet sore with blisters until they are big enough to run away and find the love she has lost.

Perhaps young Byron Adams, her childhood friend and protector, will seek her out. Their secret childish love so tragically torn apart leaves little chance that this could ever happen.

Is the hope of Sophie and Byron ever meeting again forever gone?

Can true love really conquer time and distance?

Join us for the beautiful story of the Dancing Orphan, a Victorian romance filled with as many twists and turns as the dance that’s destined to lead Sophie back to the arms of the one person who can reignite the tiny flame of hope still flickering in her heart.

Genre: Victorian Romance
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2022
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The Dancing Orphan’s Second Chance
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