The Christmas Convent Child Audiobook

The Christmas Convent Child Audiobook

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About the Book

After her parents die in a suspicious boating accident little Eliza is abandoned by her uncaring, unscrupulous guardians. If not for the love of the nuns in the convent she would surely have died.

Little did she know that her coming of age would throw her back into peril when, after so many years, her scheming guardians reappear to kidnap and incarcerate her. What is the secret that Eliza holds that they are so keen to possess?

It is only through a chance meeting and the persistence of a thwarted inspector and his son that the truth comes to light.

The Christmas Convent Child is a beautiful Victorian historical romance that will warm many hours of happy listening—start listening right now, but be warned, this Christmas tale is hard to put down!

Genre: Victorian Romance
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Alex Lee
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The Christmas Convent Child Audiobook
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