The Blacksmith and the Shy Maiden’s Dream Audiobook

The Blacksmith and the Shy Maiden’s Dream Audiobook

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About the Book

Moving from Ohio all the way to the state of Washington brought a lot of changes to the Lowell brothers. It brought them prosperity from the gold they mined, and then a home with the ranch they bought. But what of matters of the heart?

When Thorne Lowell sees that the vacant blacksmith’s shop in Fontaine is now open, he realizes that it’s not ranching that has captured his interest. He and the smithy owner form a partnership, and Thorne’s ambitions begin to come true.

Penny Abercrombie’s family has fallen on hard times, and when she comes seeking employment, the partners hire her to do their bookkeeping.

For Thorne, the presence of Penny in his life makes him realize that even the dream-come-true of working as a blacksmith isn’t enough if it doesn’t include the woman he loves.

But when he approaches Penny about helping her make her dream of owning a restaurant come true, she misunderstands his meaning and runs from her office, devastated at the thought that his intentions are dishonorable and remembering an earlier time when a man made unwanted advances.

Thorne must find out how to convince her that it’s love, not wickedness, that led him to make his offer.

Will Penny’s heart be turned? And can old wounds be healed? Thorne may be good with an anvil, but can he shape this beautiful hurting lady’s heart to love him?

Listen to the second book in The Lowells of Spruce Creek saga for a thrilling romantic ride!

Genre: Western Historical
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Melinda Cumming
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The Blacksmith and the Shy Maiden’s Dream Audiobook
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