Sheila – Captured Bride Audiobook

Sheila – Captured Bride Audiobook

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About the Book

Sheila Evans sets off to the West in search of a teaching position. Her plans are halted when Jude Fist captures her en route in an attempt to gain a wife for his older brother.

By the time she reaches the house, Sheila is already planning her escape, but an unexpected elderly resident in the boy’s household somehow changes her mind.

Cade, Jude’s brother, is shocked that his brother kidnapped Sheila, and even more shocked when she agrees to stay. Cade also hides a heartbreak that has held him captive for many years.

How can God turn this tangled and torn circumstance around for good? And should the plucky young Sheila have taken her opportunity to run?

Shelia’s story is one of the amazing tales in the Western romance collection Young Love Historical Romance Volume 2, by number one best-selling clean Christian romance authors Misty Shae and Terri Grace. Each story is a great listen in itself, and can be listened to alone, or even better listened together as part of this adventurous, feel-good series.

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Genre: Western Contemporary
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Lorana Hoopes
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Sheila – Captured Bride Audiobook
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