Saltwick River Orphan Audiobook

Saltwick River Orphan Audiobook

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Drugged and supposedly drowned by the mother who should have loved her, six-year-old Gwendoline is dredged from the Saltwick River. Poverty-stricken but rich in love, Mr. and Mrs. Paul love the tiny child as their own, until hard times and tragedy drive them to the workhouse.

From this slavery, Gwendoline flees her present horror, only to run headlong into her unknown past, with consequences that tumble through the generations. Shocking secrets unravel, and family ties flail and unfurl in a Victorian saga that flows deeper than the river Gwen was thrown into as a child.

Will the truth prevail to prevent further tragedy?

Can love be found in the web of lies that has followed the innocent girl from her first breath until now?

Immerse yourself in the historical Victorian saga of Saltwick River Orphan and find out.

Genre: Victorian Romance
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Verona Westbrook
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Saltwick River Orphan Audiobook
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