Quinten’s Wild Christmas Rose Audiobook

Quinten’s Wild Christmas Rose Audiobook

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About the Book

Widower Abner Randolph is the father of five sons, and he’s in despair. Having lost his own wife 14 years ago, he’s brought up his sons all alone. They’re now all grown up, but none of them seems inclined to find a wife and settle down. Abner turns to his good friend for help, and is introduced to someone who changes the lives of all five men forever….

This is the story of the first of those men!

When 25-year-old Kelsey Brooke comes to Randolph Ranch in Cedar Hill, Dallas, it’s under false pretenses. She pretends to be a mechanic but in actual fact, she’s here to find out what kind of man Quinten Randolph is and if he’ll make a good husband for her.

From the first moment 29-year-old Quinten Randolph sets his eyes on Kelsey, he loses his heart to her. But to hide his feelings he begins to pick on her until matters come to a head one Saturday morning, two days before Christmas Day.

Get ready for a wild heartwarming ride with the first Randolph son, as he realizes that there’s more to life than protecting his heart and reputation….

Genre: Western Contemporary
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Nicole Zomer
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Quinten’s Wild Christmas Rose Audiobook
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