Promise To Love Audiobook

Promise To Love Audiobook

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With her father’s plummeting business and health, 21 year old Josephine Hayden is urged to ease her parents’ burden and accept an invitation to join hands with an unknown Western man in Cowtown, Kansas.

Her first sight of blue-eyed Clae McKinley and his twin brother, Harland, is encouraging, but when she is presented with a contract outlining her responsibilities as a Mail Order wife, overwhelming fears of a loveless marriage besiege her tender heart.

Josie’s nervous efforts to live up to her side of the “bargain” take a surprising turn that exposes not only her own fears, but the true heart of the man she has been joined with.

Family ties, leaps of faith, handsome thick-as-thieves twin brothers, rattlesnakes, runaways, and true grit tender romance make this a story full of Western promise!

Frontier Hearts is a heart warming collection of Wild Western romances celebrating the courage of young Mail Order Brides and their trailblazer husbands. Each book is a complete story in itself, with strong characters you will fall in love with.

Genre: Western Historical
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Leonor A. Woodworth
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Promise To Love Audiobook
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