Promise of Blessing Audiobook

Promise of Blessing Audiobook

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When Harland McKinley sees the joy that mail-order bride Josie brings to his twin brother’s heart, he begins desperately looking for a way to earn the hand of his own longtime beau, Beth Drescher. But will his intended forgive him for stepping out with her rival, the fashionable daughter of the local banker?

News of thieveries in Cowtown – ones that the stern new sheriff believes may be connected to the McKinleys in some way – further threatens to keep the young couple apart.

Despite these challenges, will Harland and Beth finally declare their love for each other, and will the promise of blessing come to full bloom?

Deep longings, Christmas miracles, fearful friends, mysterious thieveries, crossed lines, and romantic attachments all lead to a thrilling and love-drenched conclusion that will bring seasonal cheer to your heart, whatever time of year it may be!

A warm welcome awaits you on McKinley farm, Cowtown, Kansas, with all your favorite characters: the blue-eyed McKinley twins with their disarming smiles, gentle Josie and plucky Beth, Pastor Drescher and Millie, as well as a choir of much-loved animals, who are just as lively as their owners.

Pioneer Hearts is a heartwarming series of Wild Western romances celebrating the courage of young mail-order brides and their trailblazer husbands. Each book is a complete story in itself, with strong characters you will fall in love with.

Genre: Western Historical
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Leonor A. Woodworth
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Promise of Blessing Audiobook
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