Pie Crumbs & Hit and Run Audiobook

Pie Crumbs & Hit and Run Audiobook

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About the Book

Sammy Baker is happy she’s stayed at Just Like Grandma’s instead of opening her own bakery. She would have missed the quirky regular customers as well as the hustle and bustle of the restaurant. It’s summertime, and her strawberry-rhubarb pies are selling like crazy.

But then Sammy’s faithful Toyota breaks down, throwing a wrench in her life. She’s concerned the man she’s hired to fix it is giving her the run-around, and she might even need to buy a new vehicle.

But when the owner of the dealership is found dead after a hit-and-run, Sammy begins to wonder if this is more than an accident.

Join Sammy as she searches under the hood and uncovers some dastardly deceptions.

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Joanna Roddy
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Pie Crumbs & Hit and Run Audiobook
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