Philomena – Unwanted Bride Audiobook

Philomena – Unwanted Bride Audiobook

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Philomena Black has decided the next step of her life includes being a bride. When she finds out that she’s been placed as a mail-order bride much more quickly than she expected, she’s off to Nebraska and her new life. Unfortunately, upon arrival, she finds that her new life isn’t going to be what she expected.

But Lewis Meyers has no desire to marry. Finding himself in charge of his brother’s children and wanting to see them taken care of appropriately and to alleviate his responsibility with them, he uses an agency to hire a housekeeper. But marriage? No way!

As Philomena seeks an alternative to being a mere housekeeper, Lewis sees the men lining up to court her and finds himself inexplicably jealous. Soon, his heart yearns for this wonderful young lady to become more than a children’s caretaker, but is it all too late?

The question remains: will Lewis ask for her hand in marriage? And, more than that, will Philomena accept?

Philomena’s story is one of the amazing tales in the Western romance collection Young Love Historical Romance Volume 2, by number one best-selling clean Christian romance authors Misty Shae and Terri Grace. Each story is a great listen in itself, and can be listened to alone, or even better listened together as part of this adventurous, feel-good series.

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Genre: Western Contemporary
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Lorana Hoopes
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Philomena – Unwanted Bride Audiobook
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