Orphan Girl’s Dream

Orphan Girl’s Dream

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An abandoned babe born out of wedlock found by a fisherman and his childless wife. A cruel turn of events that tear them apart. Can Dora finally find a family?

Dora Wentworth is born out of wedlock in one of the poorest parts of Liverpool. Abandoned by her family, she is brought by God into the arms of a childless fisherman and his wife.

But life is cruel, and when an accident prevents the fisherman from working, they are forced to give her up to the orphanage. As Dora grows, neglected and alone, she almost gives up on her dreams of one day having a home and a love she can call her own.

Then, through the kindness of a stranger, Dora discovers that there is always hope and embarks on a path that might finally lead her to the family she has dreamed of her entire life.

If your heart yearns for hope and light in the darkest of times, join us for another moving Victorian saga by bestselling author, Rosie Swan.

Genre: Victorian Romance
Tag: Romance
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2023
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Orphan Girl’s Dream
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