More Precious Than Gold Audiobook

More Precious Than Gold Audiobook

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About the Book

The happiest day of Seth’s Macleod’s life on earth was the day he marries Constance. Their happiness is interrupted by a terrible misfortune that sends Seth West in search of his fortune. The search becomes an obsession that very nearly leads him to lose all that is precious.

When he comes to his senses and sends for Constance to join him, she arrives with a surprise in her arms that all the riches of the Montana mountains could not buy.

Seth’s legacy, however, continues when the seven pieces of his torn treasure map find their way into the hands of seven more colorful mail order brides and their pioneer husbands.

About the series:

The Mail Order Brides of Rainbow Mountain charts the history of eight brides and their Western husbands. The adventure begins when Seth MacLeod marries Constance and travels west to strike it rich. When he realizes that his love for his wife is worth far more than gold, he tears up his treasure map into seven pieces.

Over time, these seven pieces come into the hands of seven mail order brides, whom fate and fortune bring together for an amazing finale.

You will need to listen to the story to discover if there really is gold at the end of the rainbow. Rich with romance and mystery, each book is a complete story, but together, they weave a priceless tale that you will not want to end!

Genre: Western Historical
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Elena Marino
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More Precious Than Gold Audiobook
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