Mender of Wounded Hearts

Mender of Wounded Hearts

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About the Book

Childhood friends, Morgan Wright and Maya Foster, find themselves in young love – a love torn apart almost immediately by Morgan’s departure to medical school.

The vow is to return and never part, but the reality turns out shockingly far from that dream.

When Morgan returns 8 years later the friends meet under painful circumstances. Maya’s life has not turned out as the two of them had thought it would, and she is carrying a huge unspoken secret.

When tragedy forces the dark truth to the open, tearing their fragile friendship apart, a depth of healing and forgiveness is called for that only God can inspire.

Can the two overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of them ever being together, and fulfilling their youthful dream of marriage?

Genre: African American
Tag: Romance
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2020
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Mender of Wounded Hearts
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