Love Is My Home Audiobook

Love Is My Home Audiobook

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About the Book

Zeke Breneman’s love for Sara Miller has brought him home in more ways than one, but poisonous ghosts from his past return, and threaten to destroy the community and peace he has reclaimed.

Foreboding clouds threaten the joy of the newly weds, as his family and friends seek to close the door that Zeke opened in his untamed years of running around.

Will all that Sara has fought for be overturned before their life together even begins? Or does God have some other plan in motion that even Zeke and Sara are unaware of?

Listen to the thrilling and happy conclusion of the Howard Bound Series today.

“There is nothing more humbling than to see God’s love go to work and bring a heart and a soul back home. I have experienced his tender call myself, and watched in awe as others have also responded to his wooing. And that love, overflowing from the heart toward others completes the circle. In this final book in the Homeward Bound series, the harsh road of self-doubt and guilt for past sins opens to reveal a glorious vista of grace. A future designed by Gott for our hero and our heroine, one that is far better and far more satisfying than anything they could ever have imagined.” (Grace Given, author)

Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Dorothy Deavers Moore
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Love Is My Home Audiobook
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