Love Calls Me Close Audiobook

Love Calls Me Close Audiobook

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Sara Miller is reeling after the return to the Amish community of the man she hoped to marry. But Zeke Breneman is a shell of the person she fell in love with, and he harbors a shameful secret that has driven him back to his roots.

In an attempt to let go, Sara accepts a buggy ride from the kind-hearted James Bernhard, but she cannot shake Zeke from her heart and her prayers.

When tragedy rallies the whole community as one, will it also bring the hearts of Zeke and Sara together again? Or, will the bruises and intrigue of Zeke’s rumspringa exploits keep him bound in doubt and confusion about his future among the Amish?

Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Dorothy Deavers Moore
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Love Calls Me Close Audiobook
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