Little Bess

Little Bess

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A young man lies unconscious near the parsonage. Discovering his bleeding body is the day her life changed forever…
Little Bess enjoys a simple life as the only child of a clergyman in the small parish of Ashford, Yorkshire, until the tragic death of her father catapults the young girl and her mother into a fight to survive… a struggle that seems impossible to win.

But Bess Lanyard’s life takes an unexpected turn when she comes across Tom Steele, a young man lying unconscious near the parsonage. She brings him home and discovers that the unfortunate stranger is the son of an Earl and heir to an estate in Somerset.

During his recovery, Bess and Tom become good friends, much to her mother’s concern who believes the man is hiding dark secrets.

At last recovered, Tom takes his leave, promising to keep in touch and provide financial support. Sadly, they never hear from him again.

As Bess blossoms into a beautiful young woman, she catches the eye of a penniless but captivating young curate, Mr Newman. Bess finds herself torn between her own developing feelings and the memory of Tom Steele lingering in her heart.

Should she accept Mr Newman’s affections or remain steadfast in her hope of reconnecting with Tom? Does Tom even remember or care for the young lady who saved his life? Why did he disappear so suddenly?

Prepare for an enthralling tale that will pull hard on the strings of your heart as you follow Bess through her struggles, the shocking surprises, and the difficult decisions she is forced to make. Another beautiful Victorian romance by bestselling author, Dolly Price.

Genre: Victorian Romance
Tag: Romance
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2023
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Little Bess
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