Lily McGee Solves The Mystery in a Quiet English Village

Lily McGee Solves The Mystery in a Quiet English Village

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Lily McGee has had enough of Hollywood! Tired of the high life, she decides to leave it all behind to live in a small English village and try her hand at writing murder mysteries… But Lily finds that her cozy crime-writing skills become crime-fighting skills as her sharp mind and amateur sleuthing ability are called upon to solve an array of strange happenings in little Didlington…
Included in this complete collection of stories…
A Huge Hollywood Mystery In A Quiet English Village
Didlington St. Wilfrid is an idyllic location for an aspiring cozy mystery writer. However, Lily finds that her past quickly comes back to haunt her and an uncanny coincidence makes her the prime suspect!

A Perfect Poisoned Pastry In A Quiet English Village
Sweet treats prove deadly in Didlington and Lily’s favorite foody friend is in the frame! Lily McGee is settled and ready to focus on writing her next mystery story, only to be interrupted by a real-life mystery… and a murder.

A Freaky Family Murder In A Quiet English Village
A frail father is framed as a killer. Lily must help her impossibly good-looking friend find the truth. Faced with the prospect that Blake Huntington’s dad is a killer, the Didlington St. Wilfrid sleuths must act quickly to solve the mystery.

A Sinister Stormy Crime in a Quiet English Village
A storm thunders over the small village of Didlington and the town curmudgeon is found in critical condition. Can Lily capture his attacker, or is this one mystery too far?

A Bony Buried Secret In A Quiet English Village
Mystery and trouble are never far from Lily McGee, and when buried bones in Didlington come to light, our amateur sleuth digs up some shocking surprises!

A Child Goes Missing in a Quiet English Village
A book party becomes a clifftop tragedy for the Didlington sleuths. For once Lily is not at the heart of a mystery, or so she thinks…

Corpse in a Crypt in a Quiet English Village
Lily uncovers dark secrets that lie hidden beneath the quaint exterior of her quiet English village.

A Frightfully Foggy Mystery in a Quiet English Village
A heavy and eerie fog has fallen over Didlington St. Wilfrid, hiding a hideous crime. But will investigating this case bring Lily closer to someone who wants her dead?

A Sneaky Sibling Mystery in a Quiet English Village
In Lily’s world, a chance encounter with her estranged mother dredges up painful memories and sends her life into disarray. Fueled by frustration, Lily storms off, unknowingly stumbling upon another unresolved murder…

A Cooked Up Crime in a Quiet English Village
A famed foodie meets a gruesome end and Lily’s hopes of romance are dashed by a deadly dinner!

Who Killed The Colonel in a Quiet English Village?
An elderly colonel is dead and it appears to be a suicide, but there’s a scowling chef, a terrified maid, and a decrepit butler all insisting that the Colonel would never kill himself.

A Hair-Raising Happy Ever After in a Quiet English Village
Tragedy strikes in Didlington St. Wilfrid and Lily McGee’s wedding plans have to be put on hold. Pat’s beloved dog, With Blake at her side, Lily seeks to uncover a conspiracy that runs to the heart of the village.

BONUS BOOK: Dying For Cupcakes with Culinary crime fighter Sammy Baker
A broken Baker running for relief in Sunny Cove. A poisoned cupcake swallowed by the local sheriff. Our sleuthing cook in the crosshairs for the crime!
Will you be able to follow the clues? Can the village of Didlington rely on your sleuthing skills to help our amateur detective solve the mysteries? Join Lily and find out…

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Tags: Mystery, PureRead Boxsets
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2023
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Lily McGee Solves The Mystery in a Quiet English Village
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