Leslie Shining Bride Audiobook

Leslie Shining Bride Audiobook

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Having lost her entire family through a terrible plague aboard the boat that brought her to America, Leslie Logan still hopes for a better life in this land of opportunity. Opportunity for 19-year-old Leslie seems as far away as her forsaken homeland, and circumstances go from bad to worse. Her last hope is to travel west as a mail-order bride.

Little does she realize that her trip to Green River is on false pretenses, and that she will not be welcomed by the man who supposedly invited her there. Only the kindness of a poor young farmer offers a ray of hope for the young girl—a light that soon illuminates all of Green River, even when dark news threatens to extinguish it.

Leslie’s glistening tale is just one of the amazing tales of Young Love Historical Romance by number one best-selling clean Christian romance author Terri Grace. Each story is a great listen in itself, and can be listened to alone or as part of this one-of-a-kind series.

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Genre: Western Contemporary
Tag: audiobook
Narrator: Stephanie Quinn
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Leslie Shining Bride Audiobook
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