Lawyer’s Treasure & the Urchin’s Baby

Lawyer’s Treasure & the Urchin’s Baby

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About the Book

After a hurricane saves her from her wicked stepfather’s plan to sell her off to his white employer as a concubine, Felicia Banks finds herself at the mercy of a man who can only save her by marrying her. With no other options open to her, she soon finds herself leaving home for the unknown.

When his ‘adopted’ brother finds his family after twenty years, former street urchin Micah Jerome decides to also try and find his own. With nothing more than the name of the state he was born in, Micah lands in Appleseed, Louisiana. Even though his search for family yields nothing, he finds himself with a wife.

While Micah desires to build a home with Felicia, forces are working against their union. Can these two work through the obstacles confronting them to find true and abiding love and have the family they so desire?

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Series: Frontier Brides and Babies, Book 3
Genre: Western Historical
Tag: Romance
Publisher: PureRead
Publication Year: 2020
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